Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sometimes Ya Gotta Be the Guinea Pig

I'm going to try some new blogging software when I get home tonight if all goes well.

Hopefully it's as painless as the below interaction (my mother's cat Fritzy and my son's cavie Opie).

- Posted from my iPhone

(edit: added some extra pics)


  1. Oh my gosh look at those two! Do they get along?

  2. Fritzy loves everyone and everything - except my finacee's dog - he chases the dog (a miniature long haired dauctshund).

    My girl Ashley does not like me interacting with my son's 2 cavies. I'm allowed to feed and water if he's away for a few days, but if I talk to them or take too long feeding, she protests rather vocally. My son can do anything with the cavies and she doesn't care.


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