Saturday, July 9, 2011

Blogger's New Interface Blows

Anyone else having issues with Blogger's new interface?  When I mentioned earlier this week I planned on trying out some new blogging software, I had no idea Blogger was going to be playing around with it's software.

This shit sucks.  My previous attempt to post had no less then 2 dozen error messages pop up, then it refused to post.

I really will need to step on to some real blogging software.  It was the plan anyway.



  1. Haven't had any problems. Hope yours get worked out.

  2. Thank god it's not just me - I was spitting and cursing at my computer for about an hour yesterday trying to post a simple little story. I Twittered @Blogger some choice words about what I thought of their new interface, and unsurprisingly they have not responded (although I also explained my issues - so it would have been nice to have had some explanation of what I was doing wrong with their counter-intuitive software!)

  3. I'm having no problems, but I only do really simple, primitive stuff, always from my desktop PC. But I will be eager to hear if you are successful in getting any answers from Blogger.

  4. i was doing really simple stuff, and every few words... or every few letters, i was getting an error message... damn blogger.

    besides, the interface looks like crap now

  5. I've been having problems with posting with Blogger for weeks. I started putting my posts together in OpenOffice and then copying and pasting them into Blogger. I still have to do some cleanup, but it saves a little frustration. It also keeps me from slamming my head on the keyboard when Blogger dumps my post when I hit the submit button.

    Let us know how the experiments with other software goes. I tried Wordpress a couple years ago, but I wasn't really happy with it. I'll be interested to see what your experience is if you try it.

  6. I've been having some problems with posting comments today, but hitting Refresh tends to fix those. It's not ideal though.

  7. Wasn't having any, now I'm having a hard time posting on my blog. It looks like I can comment if I am already signed in over at my place. But if I try and sign in while on a different blog, forget about it.

  8. The new Google's Blogger UI is not working properly in its own browser (Chrome for Mac, precisely).

    Though, in Safari and Firefox, I had no problems using it, and the overall experience was really good. The new UI made the process of posting things easier to me.

  9. The recent changes in blogger made me leave for a hosted Wordpress site back in March.


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