Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Green Lantern Flamed Out in the End

Last thursday I dragged my son to a matinee showing of Green Lantern in 3D.  He had a ball busting mine online by calling me "Such a Kid!" since I decided I had to see it in 3D.  Whatever, he got to go for free, and at 18 he's a lot closer to being a kid then I am.

I really wanted to love the movie.  I'm a big GL fan, having found comics right after the "DC Implosion", and Green Lantern / Green Arrow was the one series I never wanted to miss.  Hal Jordan is the "true GL" in my eyes and all that crap.

So, I enjoyed the background of the character, the special effects, the revamp of Pieface to drop that horrible nickname, seeing the other GLs, the arrogance of the Guardians, knowing I was seeing Hector Hammond the moment he hit the screen... I had a fanboy blast.

And then the final combat.  The big climax.  The "what the f' just happened to my movie?!?" moment.  Really, what the f'?  I don't want to spoil it for anyone(so some of you may want to stop reading now) but when a planet killer doesn't just swarm and implode a private airport, let alone get defeated buy a rookie Green Lantern when previously it was eating the best of them for breakfast, my ability to suspend disbelief is greatly hampered.  When the best of the Corps show up to save Hal's bacon from burning but after the menace is defeated, all I could this is "they could have done that at any f'n time".

I haven't been this disappointed in a movie ending since The Abyss.  What a waste.

Ah well, maybe the DC Universe Reboot will breath life back in the comic lines.

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