Monday, July 4, 2011

Looking For Suggestions on Savage Worlds Settings

I haven't decided which system I'm going to use for sure this fall, but I'd like an idea of the available settings available for Savage Worlds.  Sure, I can find them on the web, but I'm looking for the opinions of those that have run or played in them.

Yes, I've been reading thru the Savage Worlds Deluxe PDF in my spare time this holiday weekend.  Can you tell? ;)


  1. For fantasy, I'd say Hellfrost by Triple Ace Games all the way. Really well written material in a highly detailed campaign world. We have been playing a short set of adventures using SW/Hellfrost for a few months - great fun..

  2. It begins and ends with Day After Ragnarok. If you don't own DAR, you must make it your top priority to acquire same.

    Well, okay, if you want more: I've also enjoyed reading (but haven't yet run) the Mars setting put out by Adamant (great Burroughs-ian fantasy) and Slipstream (which I combined with GURPS Tales of the Solar Patrol for maximum raygun-slinging, rocketship-flying space pulp action).

  3. Hellfrost is very D&D. This may be a selling point for you, but it's not for me, so I'm not as fond of it as others are.

    Evernight has a great premise, then throws it away on one of the most clumsy railroads I've seen in a long time.

    I've heard nothing but good things about the Solomon Kane line of scenarios, and Day After Ragnarok is well-regarded too.

  4. Yeah, I have Evernight - I loved it until the RR. I hate RRs.

    Day After Ragnarok I picked up last summer and just read for the story ;)

    Hellfrost look like it's never ending... its a HUGE investment if i go that route.. heh

    keep 'em coming

  5. There is a free setting available for Kith'takharos at www.whitehairedman.com. It is a small scale setting that should be easy to shoehorn into most game worlds/settings.

  6. I've been enjoying Sundered Skies, also from Triple Ace Games. Not as much content as Hellfrost, but pretty good stuff.

  7. Hi there!

    I guess with the wealth of settings available to SW it makes sense to first zoom in on the genre you want to play ... basically there's a SW licensee (or Pinnacle themselves) for every basic area of roleplaying.

    What I find most attractive about SW is that they almost always add a certain quirkyness to existing tropes.

    So yes, for high fantasy I'd recommend Hellfrost, for Sword&Sorcery Solomon Kane, Totems of the Dead or Beasts & Barbarians, for weird fantasy go Sundered Skies for Supers Necessary Evil, for Steampunk Space 1889, for Horror Realms of Cthulhu or Rippers or Weird Wars or ... and so on. I still have to meet a Savage Worlds setting that doesn't offer at least some great experiences.

    Can you specify one or two genres you'd like to tackle?


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