Friday, August 6, 2010

Rebooting the Never Fully Booted

So, the Labyrinth Lord Campaign via Fantasy Grounds I was going to run will now be a Castles & Crusades Campaign via Fantasy Grounds 2.  Why?  Simple really.  There are aot of mods already converted from C&C to FG2... nothing for LL... and premade mods means much less prep time.

I simply don't have all that much time to play with too convert a module for use in FG2.

Besides, all we did was character generation, and that is easy enough to convert over.

Did have an interesting time with one of the group on Wednesday, who has it in his head that his Ranger is going to be "kiting" the "mobs" like in DDO or EQ2.  As he is the closest thing the party of four has to a tank, I don't think that is much of an option. Besides, bow and arrow isn't well suited for the low ceilings of a dungeon environment. ;)

Aiming to get this going in September when vacations are over.  Time will tell.

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