Friday, August 6, 2010

LotFP's Tower of the Stargazer and Hammers of the God for Sale at RPGNow

I woke up this morning to see that Lamentations of the Flame Princess' Tower of the Stargazer and Hammers of the God had been uploaded for sale at RPGNow.  This is the perfect opportunity for those that didn't, or couldn't pick up the Weird Fantasy box set to grab Tower of the Stargazer (short review here).  Hammers of the God is being sold by James as an individual purchase - I picked up my hard copy when I ordered the Boxed set.

James did a great job reformatting Tower of the Stargazer to PDF format.  What was 16 pages in print becomes over 40 pages in eye pleasing PDF.  Nicely done. Still as deadly as the hard copy tho.



Hammers of the God was 36 pages plus wrap around cover.  86 pages in PDF format.  See, I knew James did some dense formatting in his print copies, its nice to see them reworked for PDF.  They'll be hitting my iPad shortly.


Did I mention they are both well bookmarked?  Well, they are, which is a nice bonus for the PDFs.

Tower of the Stargazer is $3.25 on RPGnow,  Hammers of the God is $6.00.

James, when are you going to put up the Referee Book from Weird Fantasy? Come on, you know I want it ;)

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