Saturday, August 7, 2010

LotFP -Weird Fantasy - More Thoughts

I've spent more time reading the Rules for Weird Fantasy and I have to say the pieces are falling into place. Keeping the magic item Christmas Tree from entering gameplay makes the Fighter's monopoly on combat bonus' even more valuable. Armor Classes across the board will stay in the positive number range for the most part, and no monster book means most monsters will be fairly unique, or at least I think that is the intention.

I have some house-rule tweaks I'm thinking on. I'll post them when I work them out. Possibly later today.

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  1. Hey Tenkar, you're in NYC right? Lets actually get together and play this thing sometime. Let's give it a test drive, so it doesn't become just one more OSR thing we purchased just to sit on the shelf. I'll take the train in and we can get a game going. I betcha we can probably convince Tavis and some others to give it a shot with us.

  2. i'm in. just give me a week or two heads up. i like to escape the city about every third weekend ;)


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