Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Gamers Seeking Gamers

It appears ENWorld overwhelmed it's servers when it went live with its Gamers Seeking Gamers service over the weekend.  Which tells you there are a lot of gamers seeking game groups, and / or game groups seeking additional players.  Which is good.  Heck the service is good for the hobby, especially from a site that gets traffic like ENWorld does.

Gamers Seeking Gamers is a way for you to find other gamers in your area. But not only that - you can find conventions, events, online groups, and more!

You are able to seach by location - you tell Gamers Seeking Gamers where you are, and then tell it how many miles away from you you'd like to search (and yes, you can change that to kilometers if you want to!) Gamers Seeking Gamers will then show you a map and a list of matching gamers, events, regular games, conventions, and groups within that area.

You can even filter your search results - you can narrow the list down by age group or by which games people are interested in. 
Which makes for a very interesting tool.  Not sure I'll use it much myself, as I have enough trouble trying to schedule  my old gaming group to gather once a month via Fantasy Grounds 2.

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