Sunday, August 1, 2010

LotFP - Weird Fantasy - Referee Book -

I'm not sure if James plans to make the Referee Book from his Weird Fantasy boxed set available as a stand along product, but he should.  I've read numerous books on DM'ing, GM'ing, Ref'ing, etc... and not one spoke to me in a real man's (or person's) language and terms.  James is spot on way more often then not, and where we disagree its more on a level of play styles - and even in these cases I can see and understand what James' point is.

Rule 1 won me over:  "Don't be a dick."

So right, yet so often left unsaid.

Back to Weird Fantasy reading...


  1. That's Wil Wheaton's family motto! http://www.jinx.com/wil_wheaton/8_bit_crest_premium.html?cs=7&csd=2074

  2. Please, international snail mail: get me my LotFP SOON! I can't stand the wait!

  3. i'm very glad a plopped the extra 10 for priority mail ;)


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