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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Humble Bundle - Warhammer FRP 2e - Even if Just for a Buck - You NEED This!

My God! One of my favorite RPGs of all time, available for a measly buck. And if you put in 20, they include a PDF of WFRP 1e! Humble Bundle for the win!

Here's the 1 dollar:

Now for the 8 buck level:

How about 15 bucks?

Last, but certainly far from least, you add the following at the 20 dollar level:

Holy shit. I may be in gaming heaven...


  1. I think this bundle is the first one to show up that I cannot pass up on. I've tried to talk myself out of it for a few minutes and all arguments fail, especially since I can direct some additional money towards some charity that is assisting with hurricane relief.

  2. It is a great deal, and a nice resource to drop on any ZWEIHÄNDER players out there.

  3. Arg! I already got the deadtree versions but this is just too good. Thanks!

  4. The WFRP 1e fully indexed PDF is worth the purchase alone!


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