Friday, September 15, 2017

State of The Tavern - What a Wednesday Night We Had - Discord is Good

Wednesday night was the weekly Tavern Chat. Its moved to The Tavern's Discord server with OVERWHELMING success. I can't say for certain how any were logged into the chat channel, but the voice channel his 22 people logged in at one time. Damn!

Voice kicked off sometime before 930 PM and lasted until 115 in the morning. I kid you not. Nearly for hours of lively discussion. Mostly about the OSR but also veering into topics like "moderating" and the size of the RPG market. Did I mention we have over 175 members signed up for the Tavern's Discord seerver?

Did I also mention I was also happy as a pig in shit, as Rach had her surgery consultation earlier in the afternoon and the mass that was to be removed? Gone. Yep, simply gone. Happy happy joy joy.

The past few days have been extremely active both on the blogside and the Facebook community. I have one of the lightest moderation hands I know of, and I'm happy I only needed to put my mod hat on a handful of times for slight corrections in direction.

I owe some midweek monster content (and a magic item this weekend) and have way too many posts waiting in the hopper - time for me to get working!


  1. Great news on your wife's health! And congrats on the migration

  2. Only two observations - 1) people need to use the 'push to talk' feature. Limits the extra chatter. 2) We may need to figure out how to get voices heard when a handful of folks dominate the conversation, maybe a 'raise hand' feature?

    1. These are good points... I agree that the voice chat is "lively", but it's also only about 3-4 people doing all the talking and no one else can get a word in edge-wise. Not trying to be critical, just hoping that some protocol might be implemented so that a broader audience can participate.

    2. i dont think Discord has a hands up feature.

      I can set it to push to talk - thats not an issue.

      I can also remind folks that everyone needs a chance to talk.

    3. I bailed after about half an hour because it was being quite dominated by a couple guys recounting all the places they've been banned and being pretty dismissive of the work done by some of the content creators in the channel. I'd be more interested in hearing from those creators than random tough guys.

    4. Can I ask when you logged on, Zach? I didn't hear anything that bothered me, but I logged off at 11:30-ish on the east coast, which means there are about two hours of which I have no experience whatsoever.

      Bragging about being banned isn't great, but crapping on the work of people in the channel is even worse.

  3. Great news about Rach; what with the drunken nerdfest every wednesday, the poor woman probably has enough to endure. :)

    I've yet to say a word in the voice channel, but that's because I listen while I'm painting minis. I guess my point is, I speak very little, but am perfectly happy with a chat rather than a moderated discussion.

  4. I was probably one those voices who dominated conversation (at least near the end). My advice would be for those who want to be heard, please talk! Sometimes there are voices just to fill the silence, or to keep the conversation flowing along. It's also good, if your name isn't your name, to throw in a "Hey, this is Fred, but I go by Blacksphere online, I just had a question or two..." . Those of us dominating convo can perhaps pause every once in awhile and say "So, anyone else have an opinion on that?" or "Well, that's what I think, anyone else?" But let's face it, certain voices are always going to dominate the conversation, either because they are more comfortable talking in the format, or they actually have interesting stuff to say (I could listen to Rob Conley talking gaming theory all night).

  5. I agree with BadMike for the most part. If I get tired of hearing someone talk, I just leave the channel with no bad feelings. If I really have something important to share with someone, I will message them. If it's to the group, then I would just speak up. Just like at a game table, certain members of the party tend to fill the conversations that happen. Unlike a game table, there is no GM to ask the quieter members what they think. I think the one potential pitfall is a possible self-enamored person(s) constantly talking/bragging/self-promoting and not letting another get a word in edgewise. Thus far I have not heard that in the voice chat, but I have only been there once. Overall, Discord is a great success in my book and I am thankful it is there.

  6. Great to hear Rachel can get back to kicking your ass.


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