Sunday, September 10, 2017

OSR Video Collection - Adventure Design Part 1: Meaningful choices in D&D (and other RPG) adventures (Matt Finch)

There are plans in the works to do much more than I'm starting to do (not my plans mind you), but I'd like to start highlighting Youtube videos (and other videos) that would be of interest to regulars of The Tavern and the OSR at large. Feel free to add links in the comments of this post.

I've shared links to +Matt Finch 's videos before, but Matt's latest kicks off a new series - Adventure Design.

Matt makes some very good points about meaningful choices when designing adventures - commercially or for your personal table. It made me feel good that I was already following most Matt's advice when I put together Beneath the Battered Dwarf Tavern.

The link to Matt's Youtube channel is here.

You can chat and / or talk about Matt's videos at the Official Frog God Games Discord Server - https://discord.gg/kXjt3J Its also the official home for Swords & Wizardry on Discord.

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We don't bite and neither do the Frogs ;)


  1. Everyone should know from The Village of Hommlet that frogs swallow people whole. No fear of being bit! ;)

  2. The information in the videos is invaluable. The presentation gets a C-.

    1. Scott - please give me some advice on this. The format's new to me, and I'd like all the feedback I can get.


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