Friday, September 15, 2017

Kickstarter - Artifices of Quartztoil Tower - a 5E Adventure

I've been pleased with Nord Games previous releases. Heck, the dungeon tiles were raided by Pinkie so she could build her dungeons "Anywhere Uncle! I can even take it to school!" I'm expect that inevitable phone call from my sister of "Do you know what you God-daughter did in school today?"

Anyhow, the latest Nord Games Kickstarter is Artifices of Quartztoil Tower. It a 5th Edition adventure scaling for variable levels. Yep, it tweak between low, medium and high. I'm interested in seeing how well that works. Oh, and yes its for 5e, but since I've converted PF and DCC to S&W on the fly, 5e should be an even smoother fit.

5 bucks for PDF, 10 bucks for print and 13 bucks for print plus PDF. Thats for 50 t0 60 full color pages and 3 to 5 sessions of gameplay. The value offered is sizable.


  1. Why can't people just make something anymore? Why's it always got to be begging up front with a kickstarter?

    1. there is a huge amount being released in print / PDF via OBS. that being said, if you want to get maximum exposure and have the funds up front to use a regular book printer, Kickstarter is often key. It lowers risk and gives you a base print number.

  2. Anyone has an opinion about the ease of conversion between 5e and S&W?
    I know that 5e has less crunch than 3.0/3.5/pathfinder but that is as far as my knowledge goes.

    1. Let me think on that for a bit - a conversion doc may be doable, but I expect there will need to be a bit of handwaving too

    2. Thanks. Considering the amount of content that is being released for 5e I may finally have to fold and start buying some of the stuff that is getting good reviews.
      I have been holding out for some time, but at least on kickstarter the trend seems to be from OSR/Pathfinder to 5e.


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