Thursday, September 14, 2017

James Kramer is Looking for a Home for Usherwood Publishing and its Titles

This has been a tough week in the OSR. First we lost James Koti to cancer over the weekend. Wednesday night we lost Mona Dowie to cancer. Now, James Kramer, owner of Usherwood Publishing is fighting an inoperable brain tumor.

James is looking for a new home for his Usherwood releases. I suspect the best known release is the A5 trim of the OSRIC rules, released in conjunction with Blackblade Publishing.

He posted about it at Knights & Knaves:

Its funny. I've always followed the Usherwood releases and have the "pocket" edition of OSRIC on my desk and yet I never associated James with it. Never too late to learn.

If you have a serious offer please email James with it.


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  2. I hope I have this guy's good humor and composure when I'm facing the near prospect of "zero hit points."

  3. Jim Kramer is an awesome guy. He writes and publishes some awesome stuff. I recommend everyone get and read Arachnophobia! It's so good and so 1E in feel, but with new stuff in it. So good (IMNSHO of course :) )
    A good guy to work with as well, this news is terribly sad, but he beat cancer once, so my money is on him slaying that BBEG again!
    Be well,


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