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Monday, May 15, 2017

Frog God Games is Offering Signature Gaming Bundles - Limited Time Only

Frog God Games is offering two Signature Gaming Bundles for a limited time only.

Matt's Swords & Wizardry Creator's GM Bundle includes the following in Print AND PDF:
Bill Webbs Book of Dirty Tricks- Regularly $10.99 (PDF $4.99)
The Tome of Adventure Design- Regularly $42.00 (PDF $21.00)
$42 for the Print plus PDF Bundle / $17 for the PDF only bundle (Normally $53 in Print)

Note, although it says its for Swords & Wizardry, its really system neutral, so its  good for all.

Bill Webb's Ultimate GM's Bundle includes the two books in the Matt's Swords & Wizardry Creator's Bundle shown above and also includes the following:
All 6 Swords & Wizardry Card Decks- Regularly $12.00 Each ($72.00 total (PDF $30)
​Encounter Decks I & II
Treasure Deck
Hireling Deck
Spell Deck
Equipment Deck 
and his most notorious release... 
Bill Webb's Deck of Dirty Tricks* - Regularly Previously only sold at conventions or as a Kickstarter add-on this deck includes 52 surprises that encourage player engagement and fast-play. 
*The Deck of Dirty Tricks is only included with the physical book bundle.
Bill Webb's Ultimate GM Bundle is available separately for $136.99 (PDF $55.99) but for this 10 day special offer it is $99.99 in print and $24.99 in PDF.

Note, there is a miscoding of the PDF Bundle on the Frog's Website. Bill Webb's Ultimate GM Bundle is currently pricing at $17, the same price as the Matt Bundle above, and it includes the two books from Matt's Bundle and more. I'm sure the pricing error will be corrected shortly.

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