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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Quotes From the Con

"I think we need to do a drive by on Skylab."

"You find 2,000 coppers. Wait, what do you mean Erik went to the bathroom?"

"We have to kill these kids."

"You're NOT with me."

"You're a lot scruffier than that interview on Youtube I saw you in."

"Shit. How many beers is that?"

"Okay, you are now going for a Quadruple Nelson."

"Sweet! I Won! What do I do with this?"

"Hey, you're that guy from Tenkar's Tavern!" followed by "Never heard of it. Should I have?"

"You have Shiner in New York?"

"That's right. You're a cop. It's a good thing I already like you, or I'd think less of you."

"She looks like a little brown turd" after seeing a puppy pic.


  1. LOL

    Someone has never heard of the Tavern??? For shame!

  2. I've only ever been to one con. It was a Douglass Adams joint in Nottingham about 20 years ago.

    It's good to know modern Texas nerds are just as awesome as Paleolithic England nerds!

  3. Ha! I was present for a couple of those!

  4. DM Glen might remember the exact quote, but it was in my game that his fighter said: "I light my bear cloak on fire....while I'm wearing it"


    "Hello everyone, I'm Satan, sorry I'm late but the traffic after the George Strait concert was a mess...."


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