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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Stuff On My Desk(Top)

I'm currently giving Cosmic Patrol a read through and It's leaving this old timer
fairly confused at the moment, as it took about 50 pages before I actually got to anything that resembled actual rules.  The background was an awesome read, but I like to have something to ground it in.  Then I found out the default rules have a rotating Narrator within the game session itself, so I watched my world of roleplaying dissolve around me as my brains turned to jello.  But I've heard so much good stuff about these rules, so I will persevere! Besides, it use all of the standard dice, so it can't be bad.

To regain a grip on my sanity, I decided to check out Toys in the Sandbox #6 - The Cursed Catacombs.  Ah, back on solid ground.  This I can handle.  Just need time to review it.  Well, I need to find the to fully read and review Cosmic Patrol.  One thing I can tell for sure. it isn't hooked on the tactical end of things ;)

Crap, and Trollzine #4.  I need to find time to read and review Trollzine#4.

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