Saturday, March 16, 2019

Kickstarter - Terror of the Stratosfiend : A DCC RPG Zine

I'm trying to get to the "short date" Kickstarters first. In this case, we are down to 16 hours as I type this for Terror of the Stratosfiend : A DCC RPG Zine Kickstarter. Short story? I'm a backer :)

What is Terror of the Stratosfiend?
Portals and warp gates have been opening all over the earth and giant aliens have been pouring out. Players will quickly find out that some of their own have been aliens the whole time, and that humans from distant stars have also shown up to help quell the madness. The setting is meant to be both an add-on to any DCC (Dungeon Crawl Classics) session the Judge and players would be running; adding a splash of tentacles. It's also being built to be a standalone setting where tentacles and sorcery would be the focus. 
As a player you'll be wielding future weaponry like laser chainsaws, and living breathing shotguns that incubate sleeping horrors. You would also find out what it's like to be 20 foot tall living battering ram... (scroll up to be reminded of what that means) 
As a Judge you'll be introducing players to maniacal Orbital Intelligences that seek to guide, destroy, and illuminate the lives of their charges. You will be throwing strange alien beasts at them, and guiding through portals leading to the stars beyond our stars.
What path will you take? Will you abandon your fellow humans and take to the stars? Or will you embrace the chaos and obliterate all that stand in your path with your tentacled fury?
I'm gonna steal the shit out of this Zine for a Swords & Wizardry campaign. Oh, maybe with the forthcoming Far Away Land hack. Oh my ;)

Actually, this would also be a good fit for Mutant Crawl Classics or Mutant Future...

5 bucks for the PDF. 12 bucks for the Print plus PDF (shipped free to the US.

Time is ticking...

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