Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Post Gary Con Wrap Up - "Attack of the Con Crud" with Special Feature "Losing Voice"

Chris Clark

At Gamehole I got hit with some con crud that Saturday night. Or maybe I failed my save against beer and booze, who knows.

At Gary Con this past weekend I started getting the runny nose sniffles along with some hoarseness of voice. Now its Tuesday night and my sniffles are mostly gone, my voice is nearly gone and my bowels have been having issues most of the night. If things don't improve I may need to reschedule the two Fireside Chats I have for tomorrow, one in the morning and one in the evening.

Worst case of Con Crud I can recall getting. If I was running a Kickstarter it would be worth AT LEAST a year or two of delays.

Had a great time at Gary Con. Was concerned Rach and I wouldn't make it back next year, but with a 5-week spread between TotalCon and Gary Con in 2020, we're looking good :)

I did take this one :)

Didn't take nearly the number of photos I would have liked, but there were a few photos taken by others that really rock!

Edit - and Google / Blogger is having issues with uploading photos - le sigh


  1. I got hit with the con crud Sunday and I'm just getting back to work today. I concur on the potency of this particular strain.

  2. I avoided the Crud this year. It nearly killed me 3 years ago when I spent most of Gary Con in my hotel room sleeping. The key is liberal use of hand sanitizer and Emergen-C.


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