Monday, July 9, 2018

OSR Patches - Swords of Crom now Available

From Thaddeus Moore:

100% embroidery coverage "Sword of Crom" patches are ready to be shipped!

You may order "Sword of Crom" or "Blue Map" patches by sending $5.00 per patch (shipping included) in the US via the paypal link: paypal.me/thaddeusgmoore or thaddeus DOT g DOT moore AT gmail.

Please ensure your NAME and ADDRESS are correct and specify type "Sword of Crom" or "Blue Map" and quantity you desire.

Outside the US send $7 for one patch or $5 thereafter up to 3 patches. 2 patches = $12, 3 patches = $17. This is the maximum I can fit inside an envelope. If you would like more than 3 patches the same pricing applies per envelope of 3 as specified above.

Quantities are limited. Thanks for all the support OSR Community!

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