Thursday, July 12, 2018

Dungeon Crawl Classics #87.5: Grimtooth's Museum of Death for ONE BUCK Through July 17th

Just got the email and figured I'd share it out.

Goodman Games has partnered with Flying Buffalo to publish all-new material by Grimtooth the Troll! That’s right, THAT Grimtooth, the one who trapped your dungeons in the 80s! He’s back with Grimtooth’s Trapsylvania, a Kickstarter running right now. And to celebrate Trapsylvania, Goodman Games is offering the adventure Dungeon Crawl Classics #87.5: Grimtooth’s Museum of Death for only ONE DOLLAR!

Can you survive DCC #87.5: Grimtooth’s Museum of Death? This entertaining dungeon crawl is the crossover you’ve always wanted: the legendary Grimtooth the Troll meets Dungeon Crawl Classics! This adventure module is written under DCC RPG rules and is officially licensed by Flying Buffalo to include Grimtooth. The evil troll Grimtooth has finally thrown wide the gates of his castle to all comers. Of course, there is a catch. The adventurers must wind their way through a maze of traps in Grimtooth’s Museum of Death, a curated collection of the deadliest and most devious traps ever assembled in one place!

This 28-page adventure is only ONE DOLLAR until next Tuesday!

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