Friday, July 13, 2018

Kickstarter - Woodfall - A mini hexcrawl setting (system neutral)

Hello from the Pocono Mountains of N/E Pennsylvania. Believe it or not, I plan on achieving some catching up on my weekend away. Probably won't but I'll give it a damn good try ;)

Tonight I'm looking at the Woodfall Kickstarter, a system neutral dark fantasy setting.

The pic above tell me nearly all I need to know. I WANT to play in this setting. I want to run this setting. More importantly, I want to own this setting.
Explore a dark fairytale setting, wade through a misty swamp, get caught up in the fighting between warring monster clans, discover a strange town of witches and thieves, and search for forgotten treasure. 
Woodfall is a swamp belonging to a king where witches, thieves and outlaws are squatting. They have built a town on top of the swamp and have resisted several evictions. The town is a hub for black market activity and magical folk.  
The surrounding forest and swamp is a hexcrawl filled with various monster factions.
Ooooo... a hex map:

 What else is inside?

  • Approx. 100 pages of content 
  • New monsters
  • DIY magic item creation system 
  • Hirelings
  • Villains
  • Weird shops
  • A hexcrawl with 12 keyed locations
  • Lots of random tables
  • Flora and Fauna
  • Rules for the setting changing over time 
  • Various random tables
  • Legal system for the town
  • Thieves guild
  • Monster hunting content 

and then there are commies. It's almost like someone dropped Paranoia in my OSR ;)

12 bucks for the PDF. POD code plus PDF is 17 bucks (about 3 more bucks to print in softcover, 10 in hardcover)

Its funded with nearly 4 weeks to go and NO STRETCH GOALS! When I get back home I'm in for the POD.

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