Sunday, July 8, 2018

State of The Tavern - The Times, They are a Changing - Discord Server Update / Podcast / Patreon

Time stops for no man. I swear that I had more free time before I retired. I also had fewer naps, so I guess it is a fair trade-off. Damn it!

We've got some changes coming up. They are good but noticeable.

The first change is that The Tavern's Discord server is going to be "absorbing" the Frog God Discord server. There has always been a significant overlap of the audience between the two and after speaking with Pexx we've decided to pool resources. If you are a member of The Tavern's Discord server you should see few changes. The Common Room will function as usual. The Wednesday Night Tavern Chat on the voice channel will be held every Wednesday. "Don't be a dick!" will still be the unwritten - or written - word.

There will be a new "Group" on the left-hand side - the Frog God Pond. It will have channels devoted to all things Froggish. It will also be where we test new scripts and bots. This is where our friends and neighbors from the Frog God Discord server will find refuge. Great them with open arms as they are ours. Resistance is futile. We are Borg. Er, what? ;)

Pexx has also been added as a moderator to The Tavern's Discord server as well as near-deity status in the Frog God Group ;)

The Tavern Chat Podcast hit 53 daily episodes today. That's 7 1/2 weeks of shows. Yeah, I'm stunned too. Look at all of the places its carried now:

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday each had over 300 downloads of the podcast. The daily episodes are hitting 100 downloads in about 12 hours or less. This is all because of readers and listeners like you.

Please, leave emails, voicemails, blog comments, skywriting - whatever you need to do to leave feedback or suggest topics. I really do want to give the listeners what they want.

Which brings me to The Tavern's Patreon. I'm going to rejigger it this week to better reflect what The Tavern is and where my efforts have been going. We're talking TenkarsTavern.com, otherwise known as The Tavern or The Blogside. Then there is the Tenkar's Tavern Facebook Community. As discussed above, the Tenkar's Tavern Discord Server / Community is going to be growing and then there is the time involved with Tavern Chat (a daily podcast). Oh, and of course, trying to be available as much as I can for queries and feedback and general bullshitting with the community via various channels. I love it all or I wouldn't do it, but your support allows The Tavern to support other causes and events (Like ShireCon 2018 which The Tavern is helping sponsor). Oh, and beer. Your Tavern Keeper enjoys a good beer or two with his lunch. Thank you for keeping me in beer. Wait, that doesn't sound right ;)

Alright, further updates throughout the week. Thanks again for your time and support.


  1. Can't really leave the tavernkeeper with a dry glass can we? Cheers tenkar!

  2. One stop shopping for me! It works, since I lurk in both discords.


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