Saturday, March 3, 2018

Adding Entries to the Free OSR Rulesets SciFi Page - Cascade Failure & Terminal Sapce

The Free OSR Rulesets SciFi Page now has 11 entries. Work continues on the Free OSR Rulesets - Other Page.

Cascade Failure - "Cascade Failure is a post-apocalypse future RPG. Set in the aftermath of a devastating war that collapsed the interstellar economy, Cascade Failure is a survival RPG that casts the characters out into a dangerous and hostile universe. The game is built on a rugged OGL chassis that is melded with a variety of new subsystems to round out your character. You can jump into unique character classes like the Kinetic that can move objects with their mind or into a unique alien species like the insectoid Sahael with a hardened exoskeleton and powerful mandibles for biting attacks."

TERMINAL SPACE - "In the beginning (these rules) were to comprise a separate game partially based on simplified Moldvay / Cook edition of the game and partially on my own solutions. After some thought I came to the conclusion that my works would be better suited as supplements for the Original Edition. The aim of this publication is to add a new rule set to help transfer the game to an entire new dimension which is space exploration. Thus these additional materials were created with the thought of settings more heavily  based  in  Sci-Fi  and  Science  Fantasy  genres than  most  of  the  materials  crated  for  0e  so  far.  Even though this supplement is not complete I hope that somebody will find it useful. "

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