Wednesday, October 11, 2017

TSR in Print - Swords & Spells (Supplement V) - OD&D

The latest of the TSR Era Print on Demand releases is Swords & Spells for White Box Dungeons & Dragons. Bringing miniatures warfare back to D&D ;)

Sure, maybe it doesn't say Supplement V on the cover, but we've all referred to it as that.

$4.99 in PDF, $9.99 on POD and $11.99 for PDF + POD.


  1. We have? Revoke my grognard status if you must, but I don't recall ever seeing this before...

  2. One of the most under-rated 0E supplements, in my opinion.

  3. is this the one where orcs had a negative point value, thus theoretically allowing for an infinite Orc army?

  4. My group has always used this for our miniature battles.

  5. Caution: the last review of the pdf states "Okay, page 7 is now good, unfortunately page 36 is the wrong way around on the PDF". This was dated 8/31/17, the same date indicated as the last update for the pdf. So you might want to wait until someone confirms this is fixed before ordering a print copy.

  6. I remember this but since I wasn't a miniatures player, I never bought it.


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