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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Swords & Wizardry Continual Light "Pre-Release" Available for Download

I've put aside InDesign for now and returned to Lucid Press. Lo and behold, we have a usable "pre-release" version of Swords & Wizardry Continual Light available for your perusal (that's a DropBox link)

The rules are complete but not all of the art has been added. I am only human, and there may be typos and editing mistakes - if there are, they are my mistakes alone. Help a brother out. If you find any mistakes, let me know with a comment on this post. I already know the character sheet looks like shit. Consider that a "work in progress" ;)

What is Swords & Wizardry Continual Light? Its 7 levels of old school gaming wrapped up in 18 pages of rules. With these rules, a d6 and a d20 and a little imagination, you can run a whole campaign.

Come to think of it, I should add some notes on converting Swords & Wizardry Complete adventures to Swords & Wizardry Continual Light...

Change Log: 

Added Cleric's starting gear
Fixed saves wording
Small tweaks
Intro fixed
Shadow updated
Perks explained better



  1. Cleric's starting gear set is missing.

  2. Saving throw explanation reads "Roll that number to succeed on a save." I assume it's roll the save number or higher to succeed?

  3. In the intro paragraph at the bottom of page one, SWCL is called Ultra Light, and "a few six-sided die" should be "a few six-sided dice."

  4. Cleric: "You get +2 on saves vs. death and poisons" should be "You get +2 on saves vs. paralysis and poisons"

    1. death and poisons is consistent with SWL rules. I'll confer with James but I prefer minimal changes.

    2. I guess of was thinking of consistency with S&W Complete.

    3. Not a concern. SWCL stands on it's own. If you opt to run with SWCL you aren't using Complete although it is compatible with SWC adventures.

  5. Under Part Two, the Combat procedure uses only a single initiative roll. This was changed from 1p of WhiteBox.

    Under #4, replace "keep turn order" with "roll initiative"

    Under "Determine Initiative", delete "first" from the phase "at the beginning of the first combat round"

    1. Again, SWL went with a simplified initiative. This is errata, its intended. That being said, GMs can - and will - run as they wish.

    2. er, isnt errata - my errata needs errata ;)

    3. I just thought it was strange to use 3e rule for old school game when a 0e, B/X, 1e one would do.

    4. Again, SWCL is about simplification. Nothing prevents a GM from instituting a different Initiative System, but this is the default.

  6. Maybe this is just me but the rules as written really encourage the party composition of four to be the following: dwarf fighter, elf magic-user, halfling thief, and human cleric.

    It would be great if demi-human bonuses could be toned down, maybe halved, minimum +1. Plus, I think the class bonuses should be consistently +1 for each class with no stacking with racial bonuses. This would help but I don't think it would eliminate the tendency mentioned above.

    1. this is something common to most OSR games - those that want to game the system can game the system.

      thus the optional rule allowing humans to swap their lowest score with a 15, a human only bonus

      did you notice there is no infravision for the demihumans?

      I assume for class bonuses you are referring to saves?

      My current SWCL group has a dwarven thief, human fighter, elven necromancer and a human cleric.

      In the end, the dice will decide anyway ;)

    2. Yeah, the saves. Maybe halving the halfling AC bonus.

  7. On page 14, the description of the Shadow is a little weird. "Identical to their namesake, those touched by a shadow..." means that the victims are the ones identical to their namesake, not the Shadows themselves. Replacing the comma with a period will solve this.

    The description of Perks might benefit from a simple statement of how many adventures at level seven award a perk "credit."

  8. Hope this is still the right place to post.

    On page five, the Ranger description describes the chance to track foes as 1-4 on a d6 in the wilderness and 1-2 on a d6 in dungeon or wilderness environments. I'm guessing the second wilderness should be urban.

  9. In the Perks sectional, there is reference to adding +1 to BAB - should that be BHB? Also, for a new player, seems odd that BHB is used in the class descriptions, but never mentioned by name in the combat section. It is only defined in the glossary as far as I can see, and someone has to just know BHB is a hit bonus.

    1. added the following:
      The Attack Roll

      To attack with a weapon, the player rolls a d20 and adds any bonuses (such as Basic Hit Bonus / BHB) to the result



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