Monday, October 9, 2017

Kickstarter - Burial Plots (CryptWorld Adventures)

The thing I really liked about the original (Pacesetter) version of Chill was that is was, in a way, Call of Cthulhu with hope and some camp. Strict horror can be depressing to play longterm, but Chill did longterm campaigns well.

CryptWorld is the old Pacesetter game engine with a horror theme much like the original Chill. Think of it as a Chill retroclone.

Burial Plots, written by +Tim Snider , is a book of five adventures for CryptWorld. The adventures are written. The Kickstarter is to pay for the interior art. It has reached its funding goal AND an early, art free PDF is available to backers right now.

15 bucks gets you the PDF and an at cost Print version.

30 bucks gets you the PDF and an at cost Print version AND the PDF and at cost Print version of one of the Pacesetter rulebooks, including CryptWorld if you need it. Now THAT is a deal.


  1. Thanks for the shout-out! Each scenario has seen table play at Gen Con, Gary Con, North Texas RPG Con, Con on the Cob, and AVL Scarefest. And since you can download the draft now, you can get these scenarios to the table in time for Halloween horror gaming! (Backwards compatible with Chill 1st edition too.)

  2. I've never played Chill or Cryptworld. The closest I've come to lighthearted horror would have to be one session of Ghostbusters.

    1. Not "lighthearted," per se. More "Hammer/Universal horror" when compared with CoC's mythos horrors or WOD's we-are-the-monsters horror. You're Van Helsing, Carl Kolchak, or Mulder/Scully versus the darkness around you.

    2. More like "modern setting/classic horror". So Fright Night, The Howling, The Lost Boys, Wolfen, American Werewolf in London, They Live, Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, The Hills Have Eyes, Texas Chainsaw, CHUD, Child's Play, etc. Modern monsters, nothing "cheesy". ;)

  3. The cover art of the Cryptworld book looks like it might be going for comedy, but from what I've read the actual content plays it straight.


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