Monday, July 10, 2017

More Swords & Wizardry Sales from The "Bill-less" Frogs! - Tome of Horrors Complete and more - Oh My!

I should have put this up LAST night, but I went to bed early (I had Uncle duties early this morning)

Yes, the Frogs are having another Swords & Wizardry Sale.

So, what do they have for you this week?

Sword of Air, Tome of Horrors Complete and ToH4 are 10 bucks each in PDF using the following coupon:


If you don't have Sword of Air - GET IT! Tome of Horrors? No matter the OSR system you use, grab the bugger. Same goes for ToH4

Wait, you want more?

Okay, but for this one you need to get the coupon code from the Swords & Wizardry Legion Facebook Group

What do you get?

The Legion Bundle is horrible...as in Tome of Horrors, Hall of Bones and Hex Crawl Classics 1 in PDF More Hex Crawls get added as bundles get sold.

I make no monies off of the sales of Frog God products. I share this as a service to The Tavern's readers and because the products are damn good. Yes, I now swim in the Frog God Pond. I always thought the Frog's products were damn good ;)


  1. Just so it's clear, the Legion bundle includes Tome of Horrors Complete AND the extras for $10. If you're buying the S&W version, you're much better off joining the Legion.

  2. the code above also works for the pathfinder versions of the PDFs. Which is great for me as I ended up with a hard copy of Sword of Air by mistake and needed the PDF for completion. FG always kills it


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