Tuesday, July 11, 2017

#ConManKen - Complete With 2nd Grade Putdowns - The Return of Poo Poo Head


Lets talk some FACTS about you, shall we?

1 - You told me you were going to have your lawyers sue my ass for slander. A lie.

2 - You told me you had filed federal and state level criminal charges against me. Another lie.

3 - You claimed pencil dice had shipped. Another lie. And NUMEROUS lies regarding KotDT LAS. Too many to count. You lie as easily as you breath.

4 - A listing of your unshipped / unfulfilled Kickstarters:
     - Deck Dice
     - RPG Pencil Dice
     - Pencil Dice
     - Castles & Crusades: Beyond the River
     - Spinward Traveller
     - Knights of the Dinner Table: Live Action Series 

5 - Your revised completion date for all the above - August 1st, 2017

6 - You used money from the Pencil Dice KS to pay for your exploits in film. Your statement.

Now, with the facts above, a lack of updates on any of the above listed projects, your statements about your undiagnosable but self diagnosed illness and less then three weeks before your new but already later than all of the original project due dates coming up, it doesn't take a trained investigator to conclude that the likely outcome in three weeks is more excuses, not fulfilled projects.

I know you worry that I might have a mole in your circle of friends, both in real life and online. Just know I never ran a case using informants where I had less than three at my disposal. Friends, associates, family, business partners, deli owners, the guy at the pizza shop. You need at least three to validate any one of the three sources. Not saying I have any moles, Kenny. Just saying if I did, it would be more than you think.


  1. Hopefully his sickness is prep for eventual fake-death, a name change, and quick move to Brazil where we will never hear from him again.

  2. I look forward to the day that his ass gets arrested....

  3. Erik, the man's a comedian! Not a good one, I grant you. But he's trying! LOL

  4. Your year's just about up Kenny. Tick tock, tick tock.


  5. God, this shit just hurts my brain; Erik, your response is a million times more composed than I could manage.

    1. Never confront stupidity with more stupidity. Thus is the path to madness...

    2. Sure, I get that, I'm just pretty sure I'd fall for it. ;)

  6. Do you have a link? I can't imagine even Ken's friends reacting well to this, as it's so outright second grade, as you said. This is just sad. There has to be something wrong with him, above and beyond the general scam-artist stuff, to not realize how idiotic he looks doing this.

  7. Sorry Erik, but your response was not appropriate.

    According to grade school playground rules, being called a "stupid poo poo head" requires at least a "no, you're a super-stupid poo poo head" in response or something with a similar escalation.

    Otherwise, I'm afraid you're going to lose this playground battle. :(

    1. Erik should make a banner that reads something like: Tenkar's Tavern, proprietor Erik the stupid poo-poo head. Because an insult this lame needs to be immortalized.

  8. Con Man Ken's witty retort is so lame that I wonder if he's trying to play up the whole Head Trauma/Alzheimer's angle.

    "Look guys, my insults look like a second grader's! I'm ill, I tell ya!"


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