Thursday, July 13, 2017

The Far West Kickstarter was Six Years Old Tuesday - Launched July 11, 2011


How the fuck did I miss this anniversary? Six years. Traditionally, that's a gift of Iron in the US. All I know is that as backers all we've gotten is broken promises and lies. Shit - it almost sounds like we're in a real relationship.

Gareth has been silent for over two months now. Actually, two and a half months. The update is from May 1st of this year. April 1st may have been more appropriate.

I understand family matters and obligations. These are things one has little control over. Obviously Gareth does not have five minutes in any of his days to update his backers over the last 10 weeks.

Cropped to remove overtly political themes

But look at that! Just went to Gareth's Twitter feed. Still tweeting away. Every day. All day.

Can't spend five minutes saying "Shit's still shitty. Hoping to have something for you soon. Will update in a few weeks" or some other method of appeasing the masses. Sure, it would be a stroke job, but for 150 bucks I deserve something ;)

See, this is what REALLY irks me. Its not the lies. Its not the broken promises. It the idea that after six years the backers just don't matter.

He went to a con and did a podcast interview shortly after his last update. He tweets every day. Yet for the backers that pledged nearly $50k to bring Far West alive, all we have gotten is carnival tricks. Smoke and mirrors.

At least we have gotten a view of the real Gareth Sharka. It aint pretty but its real.


  1. I think his going to a con a con mere days after that update (and taking a swipe at his critics in the aforementioned podcast) shows what kind of person Gareth really is. He suffered from HORRIBLY dire family matters that kept him from sitting at a desk in his own home and writing on Far West - but not dire enough to prevent him from traveling to another state for a gaming convention and taking time out of his day to publicly attack his detractors. Also, now he officially has paid writing gigs on TWO other game lines, despite not being able to deliver on Far West. What a piece of work.

  2. Never start the kickstarter until you have the deliverables in hand. Doing anything else is a recipe for disaster.

  3. Gareth says on twitter that if he updated his Kickstarter it would just be "still working". Ok do that, but no he doesn't want engagement with the backers. I personally have no stake in this KIckstarter but have seen from following these posts that Gareth is a man consumed by politics and imo it takes up lots of his time. He openly calls for violence and civil war in the USA. Being someone that is in the RPG industry and so inflammatory towards not only his own fellow man but also demeans his customers angers me. Top it off with now years behind on a Kickstarter and a twitter bio that says something about "...move fast", the man is an incredible contradiction. I hope Far West gets released though I doubt it will live up to its original dream. As for Gareth he is everything I despise in RPG developers nowadays who think they can cuss and wish violence to their customers, and fellow Americans and expect and still does have some sort of place in the industry.


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