Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Chris Yoder (Clangador on the Dragonsfoot Forums) has Passed - Family needs Money for Burial

Stuart Marshall asked for my help and that of The Tavern's Community - and the OSR at large:
Hi all 
It'll be no surprise to most regulars when I say that Chris Yoder, known on these forums as Clangador, has passed away. No surprise, but perhaps, still a bit of a shock. His widow and teenage sons are trying to raise money to pay for his funeral. 
I'll say that again. Those boys and their mum are trying to figure out how they can afford to bury their dad. 
Now, I realise that there's a recession on. For a lot of us, money is tight. Some Dragonsfooters aren't working. Others might have jobs, but still be struggling to make the rent each week. If you're in that position, then your well-wishes will of course be quite sufficient. 
But I know that some of us are fortunate enough to be able to donate a couple of quid, a few dollars, maybe a shekel or two. For those people, I'd like to respectfully draw your attention to this link:- 
Chris Yoder burial costs 
Thanks for reading, and all the best, Stuart
Its been a rough couple of weeks here in the OSR. If you can give, literally even if its just a buck, please do. If you can't, and that I'm sure is many in this community, please share either this post or the GoFundMe link. Just by adding to the bandwidth, you are doing a great service for the Yoder family. No one should have to worry about burial expenses in the midst of such a tragedy.

Thank you,


  1. I used to talk with Clangador/Chris on Rob Kuntz's old Pied Piper Publishing boards with Gary Gygax and numerous other players from the original D&D campaigns. This was tough news.

  2. I'm confused, why is it not a surprise? The fundraising page says he died suddenly. Was he ill? Appears to have died young with teenaged children.
    God Bless him, and give his family comfort as he passes. I think I have some $ in my PayPal; what a lovely community that he belonged to to do such a thing. Gamers are a special lot.

    1. Thank you for donating. It's not a surprise to Dragonsfooters because we already knew he'd passed away from another thread. The new information is that his insurance isn't paying out.

    2. I read that he killed himself.

    3. If that was true (and I neither confirm nor deny it), then it might explain why no insurance money is forthcoming. Thanks for helping. Every comment boosts the signal.

  3. And that is why I still have money in PayPal; no funding sites seem to accept it anymore, save Patreon...anyone know why this is? Seriously, it seems like PayPal isn't accepted more and more now.

  4. Oh thank you Mr. Marshall for explaining.

  5. The latest bundle of holding charity might be able to help.



  6. Chris Yoder lived not too far from here in Tacoma. I known the guy for over 10 years since I was stationed here in my Marine Corps days and after retirement. I can say knowing him all these years that he had the heart of a gamer and was a staunch supporter of the OSR and Call of Cthulhu. His passing was unexpected and shocking for the most part but I cannot judge one who is now gone. I just hope that he finds the peace and tranquility that he could not find in the land of the living.

  7. +Kevin May God bring his soul to his grace, and Mary give him the comfort and love to heal as he passes. Suicide is so hard on families, we had a cousin go just last year, three (maybe more) children...men suffer so much pain in silence; the world seems not to care, as though they are supposed to just 'pulls' themselves up' as if it were the '50s and everyone grew up in nuclear values-rich environments...sadly, few do. Here in Canada suicide is a leading cause of death for young to middle-aged adults, many times more likely than women, often without the family even being aware of their pain. It's tragic, but surely he heals now in the arms of grace.


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