Monday, July 10, 2017

Should ENWorld be Endorsing Ennie Nominations?

Tip of the hat to Venger Santanis for pointing me in the direction.

Sean Fannon's Picks of the Week for July 8th. Its a regular column that is also posted on Sean's own blog, but of course, ENWorld is what drives the traffic.

and so on for categories such as:

Best Electronic Book
Best Writing
Best Setting
Best Rules

I'm sure I'm going to surprise many when I say I don't fault Sean for his picks nor posting them at his own blog. Heck, I made picks of my own.

The issue here is that by posting this on ENWorld, the company / site that is the force behind the ENnies (as well as lending its name to them) this sure as hell comes of as picking ENWorld favorites for certain categories. This NEVER should have gotten past Morrus or anyone else that might do the editing (if there is such) at ENWorld.

As the organization running the ENnies, ENWorld should be above reproach. Ethically, they should not give the appearance of endorsing any nominations and they sure as hell look like they are doing so.

This is ground ball shit. Simply another reason to hope that there is some transparency to the ENnies process in the near future.


  1. I don't know... I mean.
    Every award I know in the industry (not just the RPG ones, even the Essen Spiele Game of the Year...) have some big Gremlin.
    Be it something like this, or a juror who is ALSO an author for one of the publishers running for the award, or... Well. I've seen things.
    Maybe we should just run polls for the awards.
    On second thought... I've seen that too, and it didn't work :\

    1. like this?

  2. That, in the specific, I haven't seen.
    But usually, "poll for the award" means that the strongest community, not the best game, wins.

  3. I think the OSR needs its own award... very badly. If I have to get involved in order to see this happen, I will. Despite being busier than a flea with three dogs!

    1. North Texas RPG Con has an unbiased award. (IMO) they have people submit their products and have them reviewed by other authors. I believe Victorious won this year

  4. I think the OSR should be a category for the Origin Awards.

  5. Don't forget how close Sean is with with Gareth Skarka.

    Maybe the OSR just needs their own awards. The Tenkar ;)

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. The Tenkar Tankard, the award you can drink your Dwarven ale from...

  6. Sigh, when will ENworld and the ENnies just go away... the site and the awards are a shame, just there to boost the ego of Morris..


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