Monday, July 10, 2017

Looking for #ConManKen? He's Managing a Games and Comics Store in Somerset Ky

Yeah, I've been slow on #ConManKen news. Sometimes the rest of the world is simply more interesting than Ken

So, Ken is now managing Mad Ox Games & Comics in Somerset Ky. I hope its in walking distance for Ken, as I've heard rumors he no longer has a valid driver's license. Not confirmed, just a rumor mind you. Besides, with self declared Alzheimer's he shouldn't be driving anyway.

In any case, if someone were looking to have Ken served, you now have a location where he should be at 40 plus hours a week. I'm glad to see that even those with self diagnosed Alzheimer's can find themselves gainfully employed. I'm sure he'll find the time to complete all of his outstanding Kickstarters by August 1st. Gee Ken - three more weeks! You're on perfect pace to be the failure we all know and - well, hate is too strong a word. I'll settle on "strong dislike."

Oh, you want an address?

4440 South Hwy 27
Somerset, KY 42501

While you visit, ask for this comic:

Could someone tell me how a fictitious character can sign a comic? Not the author. Not the writer. Not the editor. Not the letterer. The main character.

Someone better be counting that till on a daily basis, as Mr self declared Alzheimer's seems to be a little confused (or working a "con")


  1. Tick tock, Kenny. Tick tock.

  2. Someone needs to update the wikipedia entry for Somerset KY to let folks know that another celebrity has moved to town.

  3. Never start a Kickstarter until everything you promise is already in the can

    1. Basically this. (Basically because things like art and whatnot are spendy. But as much should be complete as possible, and all the writing should be complete.)

  4. I hope to see photos of a line of people outside the store, all waiting to serve Ken with court papers.

  5. Here are a couple Kickstarter projects I contributed to: (they don't seem to have panned out)

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Apparently there are other ConManKens out there. Top 5 on Google are WhitWhit but then others creep in.

  7. maybe if the main character is based on a real person? Google Google Google, nope.

    1. Just did the same. Fictional character is named Markus King, and the signature is M-something K-something. It's a scam. Scribble on the cover, call it signed, jack up the price by a factor of ten, then "discount" it by 60% off.

  8. Hey guys and gals. I've said this many times, but will repeat myself again. Ken Whitman saved my life on September 16, 2006. I am his loyal friend.

    I employ Ken to manage that retail store, of which I am the owner.

    He has worked there and been open about it for several months. Nobody has ever attempted to serve papers to him there. He works Thursday through Tuesday, Wednesday being his day off.

    He is popular with customers, and co workers alike, though he can be a bit annoying occasionally. I imagine that can be said of me, also.

    It was I, Marcus King, who signed the signature of Marcus King on the comic advertised as signed by Marcus King. That being my name, I think I can sign it.
    The promotion about the comic being super special may have landed on tone deaf ears with your crowd, but I do sell them for $9. I thought it was kind of cool that my name is the name of the main character, and bought over 200 copies due to that. I imagine I will be giving them away for years, but I hope it becomes the most popular comic since Action #1.

    As always, I stand by my friend Ken due to loyalty, which never wavers. I hope to be positioning him to work on the Traveller ships shortly, as we are seeking a new location with proper ventilation for pouring and casting the ships properly. Mister Marc Miller has approved my assistance in this. As we produce each ship, we will sell extra copies of those ships in order to finance the next model. Keep in mind, I am now to this mess and received not a penny from the KS in which I am attempting to make good.

    I wish you guys well. But, if you gotta hate me because I don't hate Ken - hate well, I will never turn my back on Ken.

    Marcus King

    1. Marcus,
      WE all know the story but he has done nothing but lie, cheat, and steal from honest hardworking people. People who trusted and put their hard earned money into Ken's lies and debacles. One good deed does not wipe out a history or misleading people and abusing their trust.

      Good on Ken for saving your life. Shame on Ken (not you) for stealing from people.

    2. Marcus - what about Ken's other outstanding obligations?

      Ken is, in theory, a grown man. He's 50. He needs to act like an adult and fulfill his obligations, not hide behind you.

      This is how your friend acts:

      I'm sorry. Less then 3 weeks to Ken's own revised and promised deadline. I offered him cold hard cash if he completed his obligations at his own stated deadline. He declined.

      Ken is making no effort. Yes, you are an enabler. I'm glad he saved your life but he has fucked over the rest of the community and spit in their faces.

    3. Marcus:

      You have a problem, and that problem is named Ken Whitman. You have supported him, excused him, and insulted those people who have legitimate grievances against him. In short, you have joined his side, excusing his scamming almost 200,000 dollars from people in the gaming community.

      People in the gaming community. Gamers. Y'know, like the people who shop at your store and buy your games and comics.

      Pissing off your customers and joining forces with a known conman who insults and threatens the people whom he steals from is not supporting a friend - it's defending a criminal.

      Do you want your reputation tarnished like that?

      People are know by the company they keep.

    4. Hi Marcus,
      Thanks for the reply. I think the question everyone is wondering is, have things changed suddenly and does the closure of the store have anything to do with a change in your relationship with Ken?

      "I employ Ken to manage that retail store, of which I am the owner."

      Now the store is closing. I mean, I guess we'll find out if he shows up at your other store instead, but a number of folks (myself included) are wondering if you have suddenly found yourself victimized by Ken as well. There should be no joy to be found here if that is the case, after all - you owe Ken your life. It is indeed even more tragic if you too have been taken advantage of.

      That you are attempting to help Ken make good on ANY of the Kickstarters is a noble endeavor.

  9. All I'll say is I am looking forward to August and seeing if Ken is true to his word on fulfilling his projects. 13 months since any murmur or hint of an update on ANY of his pages however — I'm not holding my breath.

  10. Do you read the comments on this blog?

    Here are a couple Kickstarter projects I contributed to: (they don't seem to have panned out)


    joeJuly 12, 2017 at 5:19 AM
    And I supported one of this guy's projects. What makes you report on stuff?

  11. Oh, Marcus King, better yet!

  12. All I'll say is I am looking forward to products from John Adams and Bill Barsh (Brave halfling and Pace setter games) if you want to crucify one fellow, well, rules are rules...



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