Friday, July 14, 2017

New Releases for Operation White Box - Stalingrad on Fire & Tactical Combat (Bundle Available)

+Pete Spahn / Small Niche Games has two new releases for Operation White Box.

The first is Stalingrad on Fire:
STALINGRAD ON FIRE is a support mission designed for WWII: Operation WhiteBox™. Recover secret military documents, engage in house-to-house fighting with German soldiers, and take on a legendary Nazi sniper in the ruined city of Stalingrad!
Stalingrad on Fire is designed for 3-6 characters of 1st-3rd level.  
This mission is compatible with the WWII: Operation WhiteBox™ sourcebook OWB: Tactical Combat, and comes with a download file containing Stalingrad street maps and tokens to help facilitate grid and miniatures play.  
Stalingrad on Fire can be played three different ways: 
-Print the Stalingrad street map on one page and conduct combat encounters using the Theater of the Mind. This is the default style of play for WWII: Operation WhiteBox.
-Print and assemble the Stalingrad street maps for tabletop play. Print the tokens or use your own WWII miniatures to conduct combat encounters using OWB: Tactical Combat.
-Upload the Stalingrad street maps and tokens to a VTT such as Roll20 and play with friends online! 
Stalingrad on Fire is the perfect way to kick off an Eastern Front campaign. Check it out now, Comrades! (3.99 - 28 pages)
The second release is a matching piece for the first.

Tactical Fire:
OWB: Tactical Combat is a sourcebook for WWII: Operation Whitebox that offers a more tactical approach to combat encounters.  
The combat rules presented in the WWII: Operation WhiteBox core rulebook take place mainly in the “Theater of the Mind”. This means that the Referee sets the scene and decides whether or not a character is capable of a certain maneuver, action, or attack. 
The OWB: Tactical Combat rules are designed for groups who prefer a more visual representation of combat, particularly those who play online. These rules are not meant to mimic the complexity of a true wargame. Instead, the focus is on small unit actions involving a squad of enemies and/or a handful of vehicles battling it out in a single playing area—the kind of combat most commonly encountered in WWII: Operation WhiteBox.  
If you prefer using miniatures and grid-based maps, check out OWB: Tactical Combat now! (4.99 - 53 pages)
You can save 2 bucks and grab both releases as a bundle for 6.98

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