Friday, October 7, 2016

Lulu Coupon Alert! - 30% Off - Lulu Coupon Alert!

I just noticed (thanks to +joseph browning ) that there is a 30% off all Lulu.com purchases coupon code floating around.

30% off is pretty huge and will go a long way to adding books to your gaming library.

The code is:


Ends October 10th at 12:59 PM

(Joe also has 20% off on the Advanced Adventures Compendiums (vol. 1-3) - lots of adventuring for a very fair price)

Note - there are no affiliate links for Lulu. I'm sharing this because it's freaking awesome! :)

Add suggested purchases for your fellow Taverners in the comments section. They'll appreciate it as will I.


  1. FYI: it only works with printed books, not PDFs.

  2. I'd highly recommend Basic Fantasy Roleplaying. Normal MSRP is already dirt cheap ($5 for a sofcover core, supplements at about $4 average) - and that's for full sized B&W interior perfect bound books ranging from 50ish to 150ish pages. You can get the entire library and a few extra core books for around $30.

    Oh, and of course I'd recommend White Star and The Hero's Journey Fantasy Roleplaying - not just because I wrote them, but because they're awesome!

  3. Thanks, scored a pile, including some books by Paolo Greco which look interesting and the Nod companion as a starter into that series.

  4. Thank you for the update Erik. Picked up the AAC books, some Night Owl Workshop games, some Dyson Logos books, some NOD books, some Paolo Greco books on the recommendation above, and Adventures on Dungeon Planet. I have been watching some of these for some time and all look fun and interesting. Great deal from LULU.com.


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