Saturday, October 8, 2016

Kickstarter - Legendary Realms Terrain - Ice Caverns & Terrain Accessories

It's funny. I never made the connection between the Legendary Realms Terrain and the Legendary Realms Game Store until I actually walked in and saw the terrain for sale in the store. It was one of those eye opening moments ;)

What this means is that I actually got to look at this stuff in person and its fairly impressive.

Then I realized something else. I had backed and received some amazing pieces from a previous Legendary Realms Kickstarter a few years back. I had forgotten that the company was one and the same. Nice set of painted terrain pieces (there was no unpainted option, which is cool, because I suck at painting) and accessories. Sadly, I wasn't doing face to face gaming at the time, so it was boxed up fairly quickly. I did unbox them this morning to ogle it all and remind myself I will soon have an opportunity to use them.

But I digress. Yes, the Legendary Realms Terrain - Ice Caverns & Terrain Accessories  Kickstarter looks pretty cool. According to the KS page, if a piece needs to be painted (I'm assuming the basic ice pieces won't need it) it will be painted. I was pleased with the painting jobs from the previous KS.

So tempting.

Why is Ice, Ice Baby bouncing through my head?

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  1. These are the COOLEST pieces of 3D terrain that I have ever seen =)


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