Thursday, October 6, 2016

Prepping for the Evening Game in Long Island Tonight - Benchleydale

My first (and only) session of AD&D 1e at the Legendary Realms Game Store was 3 weeks ago. It was a blast and my dwarven cleric, Calishun, survived the day and still hope to make 5th level.

We had a very full table, so I learned the following lessons:

1 - Getting a seat early can keep you from accessing the bathroom easily. I would have had to have disturbed about a half dozen of the dozen at our table. Yes, we had that large a group and it was fun. Ensure empty bladder prior to game time ;)

2 - Dice rolling off the table is not fun. I don't want to lose dice. Therefore I now have this snazzy dice rolling tray.

3 - Cool dice. I'm breaking out my cool dice. With this tray they shouldn't damage the table. They should also avoid the floor - see number 2

4 - My own mini. Part of the Reaper Bones 2 collection. Cant see much detail in the light, but it's a dwarven cleric. Woot!


  1. Looking forward to having you with us today, and seeing Calishun!

  2. Is that a kind of sand? Do the dice land in strange ways too often (I'm looking at your d4)?

  3. I had somehow missed you were playing in B&B! Awesome!

  4. @Marcelo - that isn't sand. That is foam for the dice to sit down in. It looks like he has the dice case sitting in the dice rolling tray (the red felt/wood sides).

  5. Hoody-hoo! Have fun, guys!

    (Watch out for Oafy.)

  6. Is this the place that used to be Ravensblood?

  7. You want cool dice that roll hot. So you want Hot cool dice.


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