Thursday, October 6, 2016

Deal of the Day - Galaxy War 1939 - Legacy of the Oros (White Star Adventure)

Today's Deal of the Day is Galaxy War 1939 - Legacy of the Oros, an adventure for the White Star RPG.

So, what is Galaxy War 1939?
It’s 1939. You’ve been sent by the Space Operations Executive to recover a mysterious doctor, shot down behind enemy lines; only these battle lines are far from home. 
On Churchill IV, the Deutschstern Reich keeps order over its new conquest with Kriegstier, vicious alien predators gene-built to root out partisans in the planet’s highlands. And something else lurks in the broken hills: An alien intelligence bent on escape! 
Can you find the doctor before the Kriegstier and the Nazi Raketekommandos find you?
This is a White Star (TM) RPG Compatible Adventure for character levels 1-3.  
What will you find inside? Genetically modified alien predators, Nazi rocket men, intrigue, betrayal, and the mysterious Oros -- a sleeping entity from the beginning of time that seeks new disciples in its quest for domination. 
12 new monsters, 4 new ships, a new class, and the Reich's finest threats for your White Star (TM) or OSR sci-fi campaign. 
The PDF is normally $4.99, on sale for the next 23 hours for $2.99

The Print plus PDF is normally $10, on sale for $7.50

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