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Monday, September 5, 2016

Who Will be Ken Whitman's Sean Fannon?

When Sean Fannon embellished Gareth Sharka's "press release" with words such as "icon" and "stalwart" and tried to keep the narrative positive in the comments section. he was doing more than just "sharing an announcement". Sean put his own reputation on the line to endorse someone who is seen by many as a polarizing individual in the gaming hobby. Yeah, I'm trying to be PC ;)

So, who is going to do the same for Kenny Whitman, the lovable thief (allegedly), con man (most assuredly), misapproriator of Kickstarter funds (you admitted to it Kenny with an interview published on a blog) and general ass. Who will be Kenny's knight in shining armor, willing to put their own reputation on the line so he may thieve (theoretically) from the gaming community again. Jolly? Er, no. Larry? Won't happen. Marc. Perhaps.

But no. Kenny doesn't need any of that. No, Kenny believes that blogs like Not Another Dime (for Ken Whitman) are going to be his savior. Don't believe me? Head over to NAD and see for yourself - although I'll give you a peek:

"Gammers", aren't you glad to see how well thought of you are?


  1. I wish I was elegable to be a gammer.

  2. Im assuming he's using mobile phone to type these posts because that explains the poor spelling and typos.

  3. I wouldn't mind being a bad mama gammer.

  4. I wouldn't mind being a bad mama gammer.

  5. This is a bit in the weeds for those of us who are not interested in the politics of game design, to be honest

  6. I think it would be better for everyone if he just quit this stupid crap and confess to everything. He has done so many times over in various blogs in bits and pieces. I truly don't think he will ever release a single product and i wouldn't trust him with any funds.

  7. A gammer is a gamer who exclusively plays gamma world. Duh. :-p

  8. A gammer is a gamer who exclusively plays gamma world. Duh. :-p



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