Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Adventures in Middle-Earth Player's Guide Preorder is Now the Actual PDF! (D&D 5e)

Just got notification in my email.

Adventures in Middle-Earth Player's Guide is Live!

224 Pages.

God, I think I just lost the afternoon...

The Player's Guide gives you the Middle-earth setting-specific rules and guidance to create your characters and adventure in the world of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings using the OGL 5e ruleset.

Character creation features Cultures and Classes designed for Middle-earth to help you get deep into the setting from the very start of your adventures. New rules add excitement to your journeys and encounters, and chart the corruption of the Shadow in the unwary or unwise.

The Quest begins with this lavishly illustrated, hardcover Adventures in Middle-earth Player’s Guide, followed by the equally beautiful and useful Adventures in Middle-earth Loremaster’s Guide. You can start playing right away with this Player’s Guide, and the latest edition of the world’s most popular roleplaying game rules.

Adventures in Middle-earth: Players Guide contains:
• 11 Middle-earth specific playable Cultures
• 6 New and unique Classes
• 13 New Backgrounds custom-made for Middle-earth
• Middle-earth appropriate arms and armour
• Unique Journey rules
• New rules for Corruption
• New Audience rules
• Rules for The Fellowship Phase
• Middle-earth maps (as the end papers) for Players and Loremasters

Adventures in Middle-earth Player's Guide is 224 pages long, in full colour.


  1. Just downloaded mine, now I have to convince my boss that he needs to go out and see customers so I can close my office door and read it :D

  2. I downloaded mine too. They are reusing a lot of the art from TORN which isn't a bad thing. I just wish it had a different cover. The cover art and the interior art do not match at all.

    I loved the idea of TORN but the system didn't fit with how I game. I'm excited to try this as I am more partial to 5E than the TORN system which was too abstract for me.

    It was also cool to see +James Spahn name in the interior cove.r

  3. I also hope this means the book is on its way to the printers! I'd love to get the hard copy back to me by Oct 15.

  4. Are they planning on releasing monsters in a separate book? Or am I blind and missing them?

  5. I hate that it is basically The One Ring RPG.

    I love that it is basically The One Ring RPG.

    Damn you Cubicle 7 for making me willingly and enthusiastically re-buy all of my The One Ring RPG products. Maybe with this game I will actually get to play it. Most people I know weren't fond of learning new things, especially elegant and flavor-filled setting-evoking game mechanisms. But they'll play D&D. I do very much love to see that the coolest stuff has made the leap. (Journeys, Fellowship Phase, Audiences, Shadow)

    I guess I knew all this at Gen Con when I went to confront them about this affront to The One Ring RPG and T.S. Luikart put the book in my hands and my angry resolve failed immediately.

    Yes, the cover is terrible, but the rest? Love. I need the Loremaster Book pronto!


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