Friday, September 9, 2016

In Print - Polyhedral Dungeon (Infinibadger Press

Yep, after months of waiting, Polyhedral Dungeon is now in print. It's $7.99 for the B&W SC Print & PDF and $9.99 for the Color SC Print and PDF.

If you bought the PDF prior, check your email. Jason sent you a discount link for the print versions of Polyhedral Dungeon.

Looking for a review? There are five at PD's RPGNow page.

Looking for a play summary? That I do have :)

Yes, I had a blast and I groked the rules pretty quickly, which has most often NOT been the case for me when trying recent releases that are not direct decedents of D&D.

Disclaimer: Jason is a good friend of mine. I've podcasted with him and gamed with him. He and I have late night conversations at times. I ordered the print color version the moment I saw the email in my box yesterday. I subsequently got reprimanded by Jason, as he had intended to send me a copy. That how much I enjoyed playing Polyhedral Dungeon :)

About Polyhedral Dungeon:
POLYHEDRAL DUNGEON is an ultralight modern take on old school roleplaying. Using the new and simple to use and extend POLYHEDRAL SYSTEM, you can have countless hours of fun delving into dungeons and stealing dragon's hoards. 
Features of the game include: 
Create new characters for play in about 5-10 minutes. 
Choose from the classic old school character tropes, but with slight twists. Play classic dungeon crawls with a flexible unified system that’s easy to learn and extend - make up your own content, or use any of the official Expansions, including The Advanced Rules which provides many new options for play, The Book of Monsters which expands and explores the Monsters in the game, The Book of Loot for more complete treasure and loot options, including many unique items, and The Book of Magic, which expands Talents and rules for magical and divine characters. 
Designed for quick pick-up play as well as to handle large groups of players who have little experience in tabletop roleplaying - a perfect beginner’s game and still fun for experts. 
Pocket-sized, so that you can take it wherever you’re going. 
Includes dice printed in the page margins in case you forget your own, or if you need to make a secret roll as the Judge! 
Includes a Giant Badger! 
Also includes The Crypts of Bes-Amat, a free adventure showcasing how simple it is to create and run adventures for the game and system, as a separate download. 
The book comes in a fully layered and bookmarked digital version, in both color and grayscale formats. Full sized character sheets are available in both formats too. There is also a downloadable full-sized cover that can be used to make your own print-at-home version! 
Both Polyhedral Dungeon and the Polyhedral Roleplaying System are also going to be released under an open license soon, allowing third parties to create and release content for it. Details on that are still being finalized, but as soon as they are, the product will be updated to reflect it and details will be listed on our website.
Edit - it was asked in the comments to this post: How do you use printed dice in the margin of the page to make rolls? 

Answer - open to a random page and use the graphic of the die you needed to roll.


  1. It sounds fun. Thanks for posting. I do have a question. It will sound stupid, but here goes. How do you use printed dice in the margin of the page to make rolls? I have seen similar things in other games but don't know how it works. Could you expand on that a bit maybe?

    The game sounds super fun and I cant wait to play.

    1. I updated the post with an example - hope it helps

  2. Love the dice images. That's always fun.

  3. For what my opinion is worth, I recommend this game greatly.

  4. Also, AFAIK the Polyhedral License is out already :)

  5. I bought the PDF a couple of months back. Didn't really click for me, overall. For some reason I found the writing lacking in... structure, order and clarity, I guess. Then again, this is my most common complaint for almost every rulebook I flip through.

    Does the $7.99 price for the softcover book on DTRPG have some sort of "PDF buyer" discount baked in it? I can't really tell from the way it's laid out.

    I might grab a printed softcover anyway, can't have too many rules-light games...

    1. check the email you use with OBS - the discount link is there


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