Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Far West - No Refunds Until Its Done! (and then we'll talk about it)

Wow. No asking for refunds until release and even when the PDF releases its only then that "(you) can discuss refunds with me (Gareth)."

But hey, "beta versions" of stuff next week.


You don't believe it?

Wanna buy a bridge instead?

Partially delivered?

Did I here a mic drop?


  1. How is any of this legal? This sounds like mail fraud to me. It is simple. Everyone that is affected by this jerk needs to get together and file a class action law suite against him. Get the FBI involved due to this being mail fraud, and give him what he deserves. That is what needs to happen.

  2. Way too late for a standard chargeback but complaining to everyonnei the money chain is a good idea, the dozes of banks and credit processors involved will deal with it annd decide how to get client funndsback as well or limit the ability for more funds to be transfered in the future.

    1. When it comes to chargebacks most credit card companies have surprising liberal policies. When calling for a charge back you need to state that its for "non-delivery" because non-delivery is a big deal when it comes to charge backs and they make exceptions for those. You state to your credit card comapny you requested to be reimbursed several times and have been told the item is on its way and have been denied by the seller for a refund. I have dealt with charge backs for purchases over three years old and it was up to me to prove that services were rendered. If the charge back route fails the next best option is to contact his states attorney general office and explain the situation. Most attorney generals would be very interested in a 49k+ kickstart that never delivered a single item. Its kind of sad that so many people let them selves be taken advantage for so long and still try to negotiate with him when they should be working to get their money back.

  3. This saga never ceases to make my jaw hit the floor...shouldn't anymore, but wow...just wow.


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