Monday, September 5, 2016

Extra-Life is Coming Up in 2 Months - Join the Team - Team Tadpole!

(guest posting)

It’s two months until Extra Life.  For those of you not in the know, this is a 24-hour game-a-thon that raises money for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.  That’s right—we’re playing games in order to support sick children.  Last year, Extra-Life raised over $6.5 million in unrestricted funds for our nation’s hospitals—specifically for support of children and research into children’s diseases.  Cool stuff.

I’m sure lots of you out there are participating, and I know that Erik here at the Tavern is a believer and a supporter (and I am, it's a damn good cause - ET).  I bet if you send him word of your doings, he’ll give a little shout out (yep, I will share out any and all Extrta Life events).  But I got here first darn it, and this year I have not one but two Extra Life events that I’ll be participating in.

Extra Life comes to Carnage Con!  November 5th at CarnageCon in Killington, VT, a group of us will be running 24 hours of gaming in support of Extra Life.  We’re starting out with a DCC tournament where audience members and players donate money to mess with the game (and this just in, we might be streaming live).  We’ll be rolling through Carnival of the Damned while folks are throwing exploding balloons, pieces of healing candy, and minions of the Black Jester into the mix.  Then, a midnight game of Fiasco at the bar followed shortly by an Extra-Life exclusive release of a Call of Cthulhu scenario by one of the big names in CoC (you’ll have to pass a Library Use roll to find out which one).  As that winds down, we’ll start up Kids Helping Kids—four hours of games for children including board games and a couple sessions of MCG’s No Thank You Evil.  Finally, we’ll feature a head-to-head competition of some former Iron GMs as they run a bit of survival horror, again with audience intervention.  Running in parallel we’ll have 24 hours of 5e put together by Adventurer’s League.  Lots of action.  And of course, we’ll have a raffle of great items, with all proceeds going to Extra Life to help the kids.  So come on up to Vermont—it’s a great convention full of Old School goodness, and we’ll be having fun raising money.

If you’re not going to be at Carnage, and you’re not doing your own Extra-Life, you can still help (I know—will wonders never cease?).  November 18th, starting at 6 PM EST, I will be running Rappan Athuk around a table with a bunch of friends—the way Orcus meant it to be played, except that I’ll be breaking out a 5e translation.  This event is sponsored in part by Frog God Games and it’s just possible that some of the Frogs will pop in to run a few hours of something new and exciting that they are working on.  Sort of an exclusive preview type thing.  Jealous?  Well don’t be, you all can play along because we’ll be live on Twitch and accepting donations for all kinds of hijinks.  Get your name on the big screen? No problem.  Send a hoard of dragons down on the players—just say the word (and, um, put your money where your mouth is, of course).  We might even get folks in as NPCs for a bit.  We’re also hoping to get donors some FGGG (Frog God Games Goodies).

If you’d like to support my efforts to raise money for Extra-Life, please visit my personal fundraising page or visit the team page at www.extra-life.org/team/FrogGod and drop us a few bucks.  Remember, we’re going to be playing twenty-four hours of non-stop RPGs.  We’re gonna be suffering here—please help out any way you can (and did I mention it’s to help kids?  sick kids!)!  And if you’re running your own Extra-Life event, please tell your friendly bartender to help you get the word out too.

Thank you.
Edwin Nagy

We'll be posting more on this. I'm retired now and I'm sure Rach could use 24 hours away from me in November...

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