Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Kickstarter - Embers of the Forgotten Kingdom (Systemless Art & Lore Book)

I've been drawn to +Andreas Walters Kickstarters like a moth to a flame in the past. When it comes to gaming art, he has an eye for it that I've yet to see be matched by others. Yes, I have a weakness for art :)

So, what is Embers of the Forgotten Kingdom?
Embers is a systemless art and lore book set in a dark medieval fantasy world inspired by the Dark Souls video game. The book will be a useful addition to any player or GM repository who is interested in dark fantasy, dark souls, or even unique character and creature concepts. In addition to the book, we are also offering adventures written for D&D 5th Edition, Pathfinder and Shadows of the Demon Lord written by none other than Ben McFarland and Robert J. Schwalb.
Not a bad lineup of writers and a nice selection of systems to have the optional adventures written for. Of course, OSR is not on the list but 5e is easy enough to convert to OSR gaming.

In truth though, I'm more interested in Embers for the art. I've seen pieces of this project in different stages leading up to the Kickstarter going live, as Andreas sought some feedback from me. I can say this without any doubt, the art will impress and then some.

I'm always looking for the right visuals to enhance the campaigns I run. A few screenshots of the at within Embers popping up in my player's Roll20 Screens is going to make for some enjoyable gaming ;)

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