Monday, September 19, 2016

OSRToday Says Goodbye to Tomorrow - Site is Winding Down

Earlier today I spoke with +Jason Paul McCartan and he informed me he will be winding down the OSRToday website. It is very upsetting news for me. Jason is a dear friend and OSRToday is the homepage on my browser and the site I most often go to in search of OSR news.

The sad reality is that running an updated and informative website with creative content, news and all the things between is time consuming. When you need to decide how best to allocate that time to put food on the dinner table for your family, decisions like this, no matter how painful and disappointing, are inevitable. Few have the luxury of a government pension to allow for creativity (or whatever you call The Tavern's postings) at less than minimum wage in return for the effort.

Jason hinted that The Tavern may need to pick up the slack that the loss of OSRToday will have on the community. I know there are regular features at OSRToday that may need a new home and I'll be in close contact with Jason over the next few weeks to see what can be done.

Just like OSRToday, The Tavern is mostly a one man show. I have some amazing partners in crime that contribute when they can, but the reality is they need to put money on the table too. I'm not like some other site that can pay folks to fish the internet for press releases.

I was already working on plans for the future of The Tavern. The loss of OSRToday is huge but perhaps we can minimize the loss by integrating some of it's goals here.
OSRToday is winding down operations. 
Starting something is always exciting and filled with challenges, but the challenges don’t stop when something has been running for a while. Sometimes they lessen and sometimes they intensify, ebbing and flowing. Usually the challenges don’t come from the something itself but from other things that press upon it. 
OSRToday finds itself in that position right now due to a number of factors. It’s mostly been a one-badger operation from its launch (with the awesome support of contributors such as Glynn Seal), and it was always intended to grow and develop and be not only a community resource pointing to other content, but to provide original content too. The time and resources to develop it haven’t been truly available, and due to circumstances out of my control, those aren’t going to be available going forward. The amount of time, effort, energy, and other factors it takes to maintain and operate OSRToday outweighs its performance in a number of areas, and it make more sense to apply that to other areas of InfiniBadger Press’ product portfolio that have better returns and performance. 
You can read more at of today's announcement at the OSRToday site.


  1. That is a total bummer. But I'm confident that you can help carry on with some of it. Thanks Tenkar!

  2. Keep the blog posts up. You stay at the top of people's blog rolls that way.

  3. While I will be sad to see OSR Today go, I fully understand why. All the best to Jason!

  4. thats a bummer. Jason is good people.

  5. I am sad to see OSR Today end. It has been an almost daily visit for me since it launched. I hope OSR Quarterly will continue.

    All the best to Jason. I look forward to see what projects he focuses on.


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