Thursday, September 22, 2016

Gamer in Need (GoFundMe)

Everyone hits a low point at some point in their life. Everyone needs a helping hand.

Pat needs a helping hand. (a friend and fellow gamer brought this to my attention)

If you can't give (and I can't until the first of October) share this out.
Sometimes life places road blocks in Our way. We can choose to go around them or climb them but no one knows whats on the other side. I have watched Dana and Pat navigate these challenges time and time again. For every rise to the top there comes a soft fall. But this time they have reached a hard spot. Dana is a stay at home mom who has struggled with lupus for many years and even when she is sick and tired she makes you feel like she would do anything for you. Pat recently lost his job and they have not given him an extension on his unemployment . He also is suffering from myasthenia gravis flare up. If I could give them every dime I have I would because they would do the same. Not just because we are friends but because they lead a life of kindness and compassion that you rarely see today.


  1. Thank you to everyone in the community for all of their help and support during our difficult time. It makes me humble to think how much new friends that we do and don't know can be such a blessing.

    Patrick Usher and Family

  2. We would like to thank everyone again that has been able to help us out in the past and continue to make donations.

    Patrick Usher and Family


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