Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Update - Tavern Chat Reminder - 9 PM - We Will be Discussing a Forthcoming Weekly Chat Feature

Alright, I was just talking with +John Reyst over at the Open Gaming Store. John's been providing me with weekly OSR material to review and is a Patreon backer of The Tavern. John had an excellent seed of an idea and we're looking to see if we can make it grow.

The idea is using part of the weekly chat (probably the first hour or so) to discuss an OSR product. John would put review copies in the hands of myself and some regular Tavern Chatters and then a week later we would discuss it live in Tavern Chat.



A lively and honest discussion. The next morning I'd grab highlights and quotes and put it together as a post at The Tavern making sure to cover all the differing views.

There are lots of pros to this experiment (and believe me, it's an experiment that I'm excited to try). First, you can't get more honesty than live reviews. Second, folks will get many different perspectives of the product all at one location. Third, folks in the chat can ask further questions, driving the discussion. And of course, the usual secondary and tertiary conversations will continue.

The con is we may never shut up. Gamers are an opinionated group ;)

If you want the opportunity to be part of this experiment (and hopefully regular chat feature) drop into tonight's chat. We'll sort things out tonight. Very much a work in progress, but such is life at The Tavern...


  1. I'll comment once I see a review of the CotMA I sent you last year. Ahem. ;-)


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