Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Wizard's Spellbook - $1.99 PDF / $4.99 Print & PDF (Labyrinth Lord)

Released earlier this month at Lulu+James Spahn / Barrel Rider Games has now released The Wizard's Spellbook for Labyrinth Lord at RPGNow.

$1.99 in PDF / $4.99 Print & PDF

(Labyrinth Lord can be found for free here)

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Disclaimer: James is a good friend of mine. He's part of my "inner circle". I believe he does some amazing work in the field of RPGs.
The Wizard's Spellbook compiles all the magic-user spells from Labyrinth Lord and the Advanced Edition Companion into a single digest-sized tome so you won't have to waste valuable game time searching for just the right incantation. Compact, complete, and with a minimalist design, The Wizard's Spellbook is a practical products that will help take the hassle out of playing a magic-user in Labyrinth Lord - or any other B/X fantasy game! 
Inside you'll find: 
A complete spell list organized by level, with each level of spells broken down alphabetically for easy reference. Included in the spell list are notes on whether a spell is reversible and check boxes so you can mark whether your character knows a given spell or has it memorized that day. In addition, the spell list notes whether the spell is Basic, making it equally useful for players who are not using the Advanced Edition Companion
The complete spell description of every single spell found in the Labyrinth Lord Revised core rulebook and the Advanced Edition Companion
Optional rules for introducing Cantrips into your Labyrinth Lord or B/X fantasy campaign! 
Print on Demand product is in an easy to transport, easy to reference 6x9 softcover digest.

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