Thursday, September 22, 2016

Ken Whitman Will (Not) be Appearing in Tomorrow's MacGyver

Whit Whitman, aka Ken Whitman, was previously listed as "Vault Guard" in episode one of the reboot of McGyver. From what little I've seen in the way of teases, it is not a TV show I have any desire to see, but for Ken I was willing to make an exception.

Alas, Kenny is no longer listed on the IMDB page for MacGyver.

So, either his speaking part - line - whatever - got left on the cutting room floor or Kenny got cut all together. Alas, I'll be recording a podcast tomorrow night and won't be able to catch a glimpse in either case.

If Kenny did get cut, who wants to guess that the community at large will take the blame?

Don't worry Ken, I'm sure you could find your own ways to get left on the cutting room floor.


  1. IMDb can be updated by users. I believe they have a check to see if you are legitimate and delete you if they find you are not. It is possible he never was in the episode.

  2. Do you think the studio paid him before filming and he didn't bother to show up?

    1. He told them that he'd eventually deliver his lines but needed more money so that he could finish delivering his lines for the Hogan's Heroes reboot that he's been working on...

    2. Bob - wins the Internet joke of the day award.

  3. I think I saw him as a guard who had audio trouble because of MacGyver, no spoken lines though. It looked like Witless.


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