Monday, June 8, 2015

White Star returns to #1 Hottest Title on RPGNow - there Can be Only One!

+Joseph Bloch 's Castle of the Mad Archamge Expansion - Level Three East - dethroned White Star for a few days, but White Star has returned to it's prominent perch ( +Richard LeBlanc you were correct at Saturday's morning panel.) This happening prior to the print release of White Star.

It shows both the strength of CotMA (as the only product to bump White Star in the 5 weeks or so of its release) as well as the staying power of White Star. Both are excellent products.

Consistently in the top five for the past weeks has been the Creature Compendium (at $2 for the PDF this is a steal.) I had it in PDF and thought it was great, then grabbed a copy at NTRPG Con and I've upped that rating to amazing. Rich really does an excellent job with the CC and having spoken extensively with Rich about upcoming projects (both near and far) New Big Dragon may be sitting in that #1 spot before long. NBD has held stat spot prior with the D30 Sandbox Companion and others.


  1. CC really is cool, everyone should get it. I need to pick up White star, but still holding out for the POD option.

  2. Print CC is a steal too at under $10. At least it was under $10 at NTRPG Con, not sure if that is the regular price or not.

    As a side note, Richard Leblanc is an excellent DM as well. He ran me and my two kids plus one other player through a new module he is working on. We used B/X rules and it was my favorite game of the Con. I love the way he works real world cultures and history into his adventures and this one was fantastic!

  3. lol... I got a screencap of the Castle expansion module at the #1 spot. I'm content to yield the field after that. :-)

  4. I'm smelling a Three Castles Award nomination for 2016...


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